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So you want to know about us, that's understandable.
rs picOozak.com consists of two guys that find the challenge and creativity of the crafting industry very rewarding. It’s the challenge of being on top of the ever changing world of craft supplies that inspire the creativity of our customers. We strive to bring you products that we hope brighten your day and facilitate your artistic expression.
We are Rusty and Steve; in our mid 40’s and on a steep slope toward 50, with supporting wives and great kids. We grew up together and have been lifelong friends, as you can see in this picture of us when we were young. (Keep in mind we were not responsible for buying our own clothes at this time ;)
Rusty has been involved in the craft industry for over 20 years. He Started as an employee of a bricks and mortar store and eventually became the store manager. The market evolved and our local crafting community could no longer support the store, so Rusty took his knowledge online. He started Oozak, LLC. Oozak initially offered a similar line of crafting products on eBay, and of course Oozak.com. As the business expanded, Steve joined him for several years.
The economic downturn of 2008 created a drag on business prospects for many of us in the United States, and Oozak was no exception. Oozak’s sales were declining. Steve got married in the middle of 2008 and took a leave from Oozak to follow his new wife to live in China where she was working at that time. A leaner Oozak was in a better place to recover from the slow economic growth that we were all having to adjust to.
Rusty had been running Oozak mostly on his own since then, and like everyone else that survived the recession, learned what it took to keep customers coming back. He has developed important new relationships, and expanded his knowledge of the craft industry. As 2014 was approaching, Rusty visualized a website that could offer products that span the entire crafting industry on a scope beyond that of Oozak.com. It took more than three years to develop business connections and partnerships which can assure that this new enterprise will be an innovative source of craft products for our customers. With the return of Steve in 2016, Oozak DIRECT & Craftzak.com were able to come to fruition and launched as full on crafter’s websites in 2017. With three great sites to explore. we hope to evolve to be your final crafting destination and help you find a whole new way to craft.
We appreciate you stopping by and taking a look around!
Rusty & Steve
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